W.I.T.H.是Walking In The Harmony的縮寫,意即“在和聲中行走”,盼能與觀衆同樂。這支四人團自2008年成立後,曾於不同比賽中屢獲殊榮,包括2010年首爾國際阿卡貝拉節國內組一等獎、2015-2016年度統營國際音樂節藝穗節中的新星獎和大獎。曾參與的重要演出包括KBS TV文化共感節目、韓國KT Olleh Square演出系列‘Jazz and the City’,及2013年香港亞洲無伴奏合唱節。

W.I.T.H. is the abbreviation of “Walking In The Harmony”.  Consisted of four members, this mixed group hopes to share its wonderful singing with everyone.  Since its establishment is 2008, the group has won several major awards including the first prize in the local division of Seoul International A Cappella Competition 2010.  It was also nominated as the Rising Star at Tongyeong International Music Festival in the season 2015 - 16.  The group also appeared regularly in the “Jazz and the City Series”held at KT Olleh Square.  Furthermore, it has made appearance in KBS’ TV Culture Sympathy as well as Asian A Cappella Festival held in Hong Kong in 2013.
參與澳門無伴奏合唱節 - 影出前留影