Zone D是一隊2010年成立的男子人聲組合,由一班對無伴奏合唱音樂充滿熱誠的男歌唱者組成。

Zone D這名字與普通話拼音“兄弟”近似,其實正正說明了成立組合的他們兄弟般的情誼,一個都不能少,不可分割。另Zone D這五個英文字母亦包含了五個英文字的縮寫:“ZoneOfNeverEndingDelights”-“永無止盡的歡樂地帶”,希望他們的無伴奏合唱音樂能帶給聽眾觀眾們無窮的歡樂。

Zone D擅於演唱各類型的音樂,當中包括了中西經典或流行歌曲,嬉哈音樂及古典音樂等,純以天賦的聲音模仿各種樂器聲音及不同類型的音效。他們所演唱的音樂多是自行編曲,令所演出的曲目更獨特,更能夠切合不同的演出場合。

除了一般耳熟能詳的中外歌曲,Zone D更積極改編及演唱不同的華語歌曲,以支持香港本地無伴奏合唱音樂的發展。其中Zone D改編的<<A.I.N.Y>>於2011年香港青年協會舉辦的無伴奏合唱節比賽中獲得評審一致好評,可謂一鳴驚人。最近Zone D亦先後改編了華語歌曲<<我的歌聲裡>>和<<Forever Love>>,只是未正式的Demo已令不少網民讚好和分享。此外Zone D編曲的手法亦漸趨大膽創新。其中<<酩酊天使x面具>>,破格地將兩首不同的歌曲合而為一,更是近期代表之作。

Founded in 2010, Zone D is a male vocal group formed by a team of male vocalists who are passionate in A Cappella music.

The pronunciation of Zone D is similar to Mandarin pinyin "Xiong Di" (which means "brothers" in Chinese), which reflected the brotherhood of founders – each member is irreplaceable and the group is indivisible. The five letters in Zone D is indeed the acronym of "ZoneOfNeverEndingDelights", meaning "endless joyous zone". Zone D hopes their A Cappella music will bring endless happiness to listeners and audiences.

Using their connate voices to imitate instrumental sounds and sound effects, Zone D is good at performing diversified types of music, including Chinese and Western classics, pop songs, hip-hop music and classical music. Zone D’s performing songs are unique and suit different occasions as most songs are arranged by themselves. To support Hong Kong A Cappella music local development, Zone D actively rearranged and performed various well-known Chinese and foreign songs.

Rearranged by Zone D, the Chinese song “A.I.N.Y” was well received by judges in the 2011 A Cappella festival competition organized by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups. Recently Zone D rearranged two Chinese songs “You exist in my song”("我的歌聲裏") and “Forever Love”, where the non-official demo received “likes” and were shared by netizens. Songs arranged by Zone D are becoming increasingly bond and innovative. An example is Zone D’s recent masterpiece “酩酊天使 X 面具” (sung by Hins Cheung and Alfred Hui respectively), which two songs in different styles are seamlessly integrated into one.