Republic-A,香港活躍無伴奏合唱(阿卡貝拉)組合,成立於2013年。每位成員均在不同場合、不同城市中有多年演出及編寫A Cappella 的經驗。

Republic-A自成立以來,曾與曾與多個機構及藝術團體合作,如港澳當代無伴奏合唱(阿卡貝拉)協會(CASHM)、香港賽馬會及台灣的中華暢聲亞洲音樂協會 (Vocal Asia) 等。Republic-A亦積極出席及組織各類型 演出,例如CASHM舉辦的「赤柱廣場 A Cappella Gala」、香港有機資源中心的「全城有機日」、海港城 的聖誕演出等,並於2015年年尾遠赴台灣,於台北「A House」舉行專場音樂會,亦於高雄進行校園工作 坊及演出。

除了演出之外,Republic-A亦積極與不同音樂人合作。於2015年12月,與香港電影金像獎音樂監製戴偉合作,為電影《哪一天我們會飛》主題曲「差一點我們會飛」編寫及灌錄無伴奏合唱版本「差一點我們會飛(報佳音Mix)」,於本地各大電台播放並於各大音樂平台發佈。2016年3月,Republic-A聯同本地流行樂隊組合「SiS樂印姊妹」一起演唱無伴奏合唱音樂,並拍攝影片於網上平台發佈。Republic-A亦先後與各大傳媒合作, 受蘋果日報邀請拍攝短片及接受DBC數碼電台節目《唱出真我》訪問。

未來Republic-A將以推動本地的音樂發展為長遠目標,繼續致力於參與各類型的演出,並繼續與不同的機構、藝術團體及音樂人合作,向社區、學校推廣無伴奏合唱 。

Republic-A is a Hong Kong a cappella group found in 2013 by five experienced performers. Republic-A has worked with various different organisations and artistic institutions, including the Contemporary A Cappella Society of Hong Kong and Macau (CASHM), the Hong Kong Jockey Club, and Taiwan’s Vocal Asia. The group has also performed in multiple events, including the “Stanley Plaza A Cappella Gala” organized by CASHM, “Organic Day” held by the HK Organic Resource Centre and the Christmas performance in Harbour City. Republic-A organized its first concert in Taipei A House in December 2015, and was invited to run an a cappella workshop in a high school in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.
Apart from its performances, Republic-A actively collaborates with different musicians and artists. In December 2015, Republic-A worked with the award-winning Hong Kong music producer, Day Tai, to arrange and record the a cappella version of the theme music of the movie “She Remembers, He Forgets” which aired in multiple radio stations and is available on various music platforms. In March 2016, the group performed with local pop-duo “Sis Lok’s”, and together published an a cappella music video available on youtube. Republic-A has also been engaged by various mass media - it was invited by Apple Daily to record a short video and was interviewed by a music programme of DBC Radio HK “Sing Out the Real Me”.
Republic-A will continue to promote a cappella to the community by performing a cappella and collaborating with more organisations, artistic institutions and musicians, in the efforts to support the development of Hong Kong music.

Instagram: republica_aca