Musepaper成立於2010年,成員大部份為香港教育學院音樂系的畢業生,演唱歌曲類型廣泛,包括華語、外語流行曲、古典音樂、爵士樂等等,期望透過親切、多變、活潑的表演風格,讓觀眾耳目一新。於初成立時,便已獲中國內地無伴奏合唱組合"City Singers",邀請前往廈門擔任表演嘉賓。及後獲不同的團體、機構邀請表演及舉辦無伴奏工作坊,包括無綫電視、K11 Art Mall、E-MAX、山頂凌霄閣、香港中文大學、香港2012國際無伴奏合唱節、國際爵士合唱節、香港展能藝術會、香港移植運動協會、香港花卉展覽、灣仔節、勞工處、教育局、康民署、香港紅十字會、澳門捐血中心等等。2011年,Musepaper遠赴新加坡,參與當地The A Cappella Society舉辦的2011 National A Cappella Championships比賽,並於國際組別中取得第三名,同年除夕夜舉行一連兩場的《Musepaper跨年專場音樂會》,多變的曲風及風趣幽默、活力充沛的表演風格大獲好評,表演深受觀眾歡迎。


The “Muses” were goddesses or spirits in Greek mythology who were considered as the source of dance and music. The word “Music” is also derived from “Muse”. As the name suggests, Musepaper hopes to bring different kinds of wonderful music to the audience.

About Musepaper:

A vibrant local a cappella group established in April 2010. The six members of the group were all major in music in their degree, and had started to receive musical training from their early age. They are passionate about singing and sometimes they cannot help but start singing and “jamming” music, even when they are on the streets, on public transports, etc. Most of their music was arranged by themselves and their styles are highly variate, such as canto-pop, jazz, classical, etc. Through this, they hope to bring different kinds of music to the audiences.

Not long after their formation they were invited by a Xiamen a cappella group “City Singers”, to be guest singers at their concert. Since then, they have been invited by different associations and organization for performances, including K11 Art Mall, E-Max, The Peak Tower, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong 2012 International A Cappella Festival, The Hong Kong Flower Show, Wan Chai Festival, etc. In 2011 and 2012, Musepaper were invited by The Hong Kong Institute of Education to be the guest performing group in the International Choral Jazz Festival, promoting a cappella music to teachers and students in Hong Kong.

In August 2011, Musepaper joined the “2011 National A Cappella Championships” held by Singapore's “The A Cappella Society”, and was ranked the 2nd runner up in the International Category. After that, they had their own concert in December 2011, and the audiences were greatly impressed by their varied styles of music, vibrant and amusing ways of presentation. In Mar 2012, they have been invited by TVB to perform in a program named “Cultural Plaza”.

Musepaper is devoted to promote a cappella music, this unique and special art form, and had joined in hands with “Arts With The Disabled Association Hong Kong”, “The Contemporary A Cappella Society of Hong Kong and Macau” etc. to hold workshops, and had visited schools in Hong Kong and Macau to have a cappella demonstration. In April 2012, Musepaper and The Hong Kong Institute of Education co-organized an a cappella workshop, to promote a cappella music to student-teachers majoring in music.

The six members are friends for years, and they are now bonding themselves through Musepaper. Hope the audience could feel their passion and enthusiasm in music.

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