Hot Potters於 2007年成立,由六位熱愛唱歌的狂熱分子組成。Hot Potters就像亞洲的地道食品 - 火鍋,會有大家喜愛的各種「配料」(主音、女高音、女中音、男高音、男低音及人聲敲擊),以及一個多樣化的「湯底」(不同的音樂種類),目標就是創造豐盛的音樂菜餚來招待各位嘉賓。 為

了完善演唱技巧,Hot Potters參加了由海外著名無伴奏合唱組合如“Chapter Six”(美國),“King Singers”(英國)和“Chanticleer”(美國)所指導的大師班,當中獲得了寶貴的經驗。Hot Potters曾於2010年參加香港舉辦的無伴奏合唱比賽並取得冠軍,亦於2011年取得新加坡無伴奏合唱比賽(國際組)亞軍(銀獎)。

Hot Potters積極參與各種公開活動,例如演藝學院開放日、香港渣打馬拉松開幕表演、無伴奏音樂節、香港國際機場Summer Fiesta等,亦於商場、公司周年晚宴及婚宴中擔任表演嘉賓以及於電視台接受訪問和演出。2008年四川大地震後,Hot Potters接受邀請參與地區震災慈善籌款演出。此外,Hot Potters亦積極在中學推廣無伴奏合唱,希望能將無伴奏合唱推廣至不同社會層面。

“Hot Potters”, formed in 2007, are the fruit of joint efforts of six singing fanatics. Having a variety of “ingredients” (Solo, Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Baritone and Bass) and a diverse “soup base” (genres of music), like the Asian favourite – Hot Pot, we aim at creating scrumptious musical dishes that entertain and pleasantly surprise all walks of life.

In order to refine our singing skills, we joined master classes conducted by renowned overseas Acappella groups such as “Chapter Six” (US), “King Singers” (UK) and “Chanticleer” (US). The valuable experience we gained in these workshops made our group even more dedicated to this very creative style of singing performance. Hot Potters participated and won the Acappella Music Contest 2010 in Hong Kong and achieved 1st runner-up (Silver Award) in Singapore National Acappella Championships 2011 (International category).

Our group has performed in various events such as Acappella Festival, Hong Kong Marathon Expo, Academy of Performing Arts Open Day, Red Cross roadshows, Summer Fiesta at HK International Airport, Christmas caroling in shopping malls, wedding banquets and annual dinners. We were featured and interviewed on TV in 2010. In 2008 after the disastrous Sichuan earthquake, Hot Potters also supported and performed in a charity fund raising show for World Vision. We also help promote Acappella through musical functions in secondary schools and universities.

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